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Be Organized


Structured or Not

Papers everywhere, Home in dis-array or just purely not organized!

Are you one who feels like your life is all over the place, and nothing is structured; or do you have everything in your life together and you wake up and everything flows smoothly and freely?

When some life coaches talk about "structures," they are generally referring to the systems in our lives that are used to create a recurring task or process. Classes, routines, and protocols are all life structures that help us get things done. But really, can we truly keep to this schedule?

What if you have your own way of doing things and you say to yourself, my life is structured, and my life is organized.   You set your appointments, make your lists, get up on time, follow the same routine and I feel great.  But sometimes, still feel like an unorganized mess. This usually happens on the days that you probably do not plan it out.   I know it has happened to me.  I am not going to claim perfection and I hope you do not either.

I have plenty of books on organization, because sometimes I need to figure out things I have never done before.  I call them my go to books.  I also visit other blog and web sites and take advice from them.  “We are all in this together”, and we are all here on this earth to help one another. 

If you feel like you are constantly following a paper trail and you have stuff every where that even you cannot decipher it, or you feel like with this project I need a little help; Then this blog is for you. Visit other organization websites or blogs as well. I follow Ruth Soukup at:  I have been following Ms. Soukup for some time now.  She is great at giving you information on simple steps you can take to begin to get organized.  As a matter of fact, check out her book: I just ordered mine. Visit Exceptional New me again and again for more inspiring organization tips. Thanks for reading. 

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