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You are what you do

Exceptional New me was created to remind ourselves that we are all exceptional.  God uniquely created and designed each of us with a different gift.   This blog will inspire you to use the gift you were given. Reach inside your inner self and realize that you are Exceptional



To be all I can be. I aspire to be who God has chosen for me to be. I will change my life to be the person I was called to be. I will no longer drag my feet, or procrastinate, because I will remember that time will not wait for me. Each day I wake up is another day I must use to be a positive impact and influence in my society. What I know I will share with others. What I think I know I will research and read more about  to gain  more knowledge in the subject. There are too many books, too many experts, and too many past mistakes to let go of, for me to allow myself to become another one who is just wasting time. I will be that person who will pay it forward and not keep what I know to myself.