April 16, 2022

Be the light, or be the darkness.  Today I saw 6 groups of people who had their own business.  They were from different walks of life, all focused on different things.  They were the mistake I bumped into while heading in a different direction.  The original purpose of my husband and I's visit was not intended for them.  These individuals had Spunk, Grace, Charm, Charisma, Character, Motivation, and smiles.  They caused us to stop in our tracks and recognize that their business was important.  They made me listen, because what they had to say was important.  Some of them were just beginning their journeys to happiness, while some of the others were in it for a few years.  
Did I support their business? Absolutely!. 
Did I conversate with them? Most definitely!  
They are the light that you see when looking far ahead.  They are who you see when you dream of who you would like to become.  They inspired me today to continue to strive for the best that I can, so I can receive what lays ahead for me. They reminded me that even though I get tired sometimes and want to give up, that I must continue to press on.  No matter who came their way, they shared their product, their passions, their ideas for moving forward, and most of all why they got into doing what they are doing.  As you go through your dark days, remember that the light is right around the corner. Be the Light, and Not the darkness. Begin doing what you have dreamed of all your life.   


D L Coles

About Me                                                                        

For years, I have served as a helpful role model to those seeking inspiration, help, or advice.  I started writing about my passions, and my thoughts by journaling.  I founded Exceptional New Me whose mission is to find out who you are within and become the best version of yourself.  

I love Butterflies and to me they represent endurance, change, hope, and life.  They remind me that  life will be ok.

As a Wife, Mom, Sister, Friend, and wonderful chosen woman of God; I am Exceptional.  I am certified in Property Management, Interior decorating, and self-certified in Organization, Cleaning, Healthy Eating, Saving tips,  and Decorating.    Being a wife, mom and friend to many has  made me a better person.  I continue to learn as much as I can so I can share it with others.   I hope as you read this website and scroll through some of the pages that you find out what you were called here to do and give back to others.

I Aspire

To be all I can be. I aspire to be who God has chosen for me to be. I will change my life to be the person I was called to be. I will no longer drag my feet, or procrastinate, because I will remember that time will not wait for me. Each day I wake up is another day I must use to make a positive impact and influence in my society. What I know I will share with others. What I think I know I will research to get more knowledge, to share with others. There are too many books, too many experts, and too many past mistakes to let go of, for me to allow myself to become another one who is just wasting time. I will be that person who will pay it forward and not keep what I know to myself.

D L Coles

White Objects

Be like the Butterfly


Endure through it all!  Get through the tough times no matter what. Press forward and maintain the mind set to stay positive.  Keep negative things and people away.  Remind yourself daily that you will get through this trial, and that God says all things are possible if you only believe!

Realize that change is a fact and a part of life.  Realize that it will happen and there is nothing you can do about it.  Except it, embrace it, live with it, and go through it.  Remember that you are not the only one going through at this present moment in time.  Keep being hopeful.  Faith is the substance of things hoped for; believing that you will come out of this even though you do not see a way out.  Stay strong no matter what.  Stay grounded in the word. You will be ok.