The Art of Saving

Updated: Jun 20

Start by being Frugal

FRUGAL: The art of not wasting your money, Being thrifty, penny wise, and a penny pincher.

From me to you. My views of course, which may not necessarily represent the views of you. Since we are all so much different, my ways are just my ways, and yours well, yours of course, are your ways, just as long as they work for you.

I have found that having self-control is key to me. Not spending just because you want it, not spending just because you need it, and not spending just because it is on sale. Most importantly, being frugal is about buying the items you really care about instead of buying what you want.

Here is a list of what I have done to help me be the money saving frugal person that I am.

Feel free to do the same:

· Make a shopping list and stick to it

· Shop when you are so busy, that way you do not have time to buy other items not on your list

· Do not carry your credit cards in your wallet with you. Instead, just take the one you are planning to use, or none, and if you plan to use cash, take a certain amount of cash, and have a limit.

· Do not buy because you want to keep up with the Joneses (Keeping up with society, the world, the fashion, and everyone else). Be your own person, and like what you have or want, because you love yourself and not the Joneses.

o (Unless you can absolutely afford to do it!)

· If you really must shop, please use these coupon sites to help you save



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I do not buy a purchase without checking one of these three sites first. We will discuss coupon savings in more detail on a later post. Until next time

“Spend less, to have more, to give more” DL Coles