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D L Coles April, 2020

Be the 

D L Coles

April 16,2022


Be the light, or be the darkness.  Today I saw 6 groups of people who had their own business.  They were from different walks of life, all focused on different things.  They were the mistake I bumped into while heading in a different direction.  The original purpose of my husband and I's visit was not intended for them.  These individuals had Spunk, Grace, Charm, Charisma, Character, Motivation, and smiles.  They caused us to stop in our tracks and recognize that their business was important.  They made me listen, because what they had to say was important.  Some of them were just beginning their journeys to happiness, while some of the others were in it for a few years.  

Did I patronize their business? Absolutely!.  Did I conversate with them? Most definately.  

They are the light that you see when looking far ahead.  They are who you see when you dream of who you would like to become.  They inspired me today to continue to strive for the best that I can, so I can receive what lays ahead for me. They reminded me that even though I get tired sometimes and want to give up, that I must continue to press on.  No matter who came their way, they shared their product, their passions, their ideas for moving forward, and most of all why they got into doing what they are doing.  As you go through your dark days, remember that the light is right around the corner. Be the Light, and Not the darkness.   

It is time for you to change. Have you wondered why your life is the same place it was yesterday. Have you ever felt like you have been running in circles? Trying to finish task after task only to find that none of them were completed. I've done just about everything. The to do list, the writing in the calendar, the recording of the reminders, you name it I have probably done it. But.........................There is one thing I have done for the past year consistently that has helped me to cope. It has helped me with my to do lists and it has helped me to get most of the things on my list done.
I have... talked to folks, I have written it down, I have sung about it, and laughed about it. I have read about it in books, and magazines. I have..............................
Your right if you said. PRAYED! ABOUT IT.
Prayed until I found the solution, but not the solution from me, but the solution from God. He is my inspiration. He is the source of all my strengths and all my weaknesses. He is the one who steers me right when I think I am on the right track and I am heading into a tunnel of destruction.
What is your inspiration? I will say if you do not mind,  something that inspires you,  AND inspires you to do and be better. Your right track cannot be found following people, or things, or hopes and dreams leading you into the wrong things!
The people who you encircle yourself around must be believers in themselves first, and after believing in themselves they will be able to believe in you. They should be following the right path in life, and leading others to do the same. They can be Preachers, Teachers, Pastors, or Leaders. They can be your Mother or Father, or your Sister, or Brother. Their happiness which leads them to do right must be inside them, and with this happiness they can help you. If you don't know what inspires you, think about what you love to do,  and do well.   Live it out in this lifetime.  Don't just plan it or write it down. Let it come to pass. Churches Outreach Network was created when a vision was given to Rev. Dr. Rodney Coles Sr., and his wife Debra Coles. (Me).   We formed a collaborative partnership who joined together to form one group, to help meet the needs of those less fortunate than us. The ministry focus is on feeding,  and resource assistance to those in the community, feeding the hungry and helping the hopeless. Those who are unable to find help or assistance in their present moment in life.
More about this 501 c 3 non-profit outreach ministry can be found on and, you can follow us on our Facebook page "Churches Outreach Network".
GET INSPIRED........................Do what you love to do with the gift God gave you, and after getting your life in order focus on helping those less fortunate than yourself.

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